Partner Webinar: RSA Partner Marketing Center

With the RSA Partner Marketing Center platform, everything partners need to attract, educate and enlighten more prospects and fill their pipeline is in one place. During this webinar, we will spend 30 minutes educating partners on the RSA Partner Marketing Center. During this time we will also review some of the new content, materials and assets in the Partner Marketing Center. This webinar will be good for both partners that have never used the tool before as well as those who have taken advantage of this great platform. Those who attend will be eligible to participate in our next Partner Marketing Center incentive. The details of the incentive will be announced soon.

Feel free to reach out to Jeff Duchesne with any questions.

Webinar Session 1
Date: June 28, 2018
Time: 10AM EST
Duration: 30 Minutes

Webinar Session 2
Date: June 28, 2018
Time: 4PM PST
Duration: 30 Minutes


  • Introduction
  • Overview of the Partner Marketing Center

o   How to create and launch a co-branded campaigns

o   How to create web content syndication

o   How to create an event, registration page and send invitation

o   Campaign analytics

o   Review of the marketplace

  • Review of the latest and greatest in the platform including campaigns and other content

o   RSA SecurID® Test Drive Campaign

o   Get MFA from RSA for FREE – Limited Time Offer

o   The State of GDPR Compliance: How Does YOUR Organization Compare?

o   RSA NetWitness® Platform– Force Multiplier Campaign

o   Web Content Syndication

o   And more…..

  • New resources

o   Marketplace

  • Overview of the Concierge Service

o   Learn how to coordinate an individual training

  • Announcement of new incentive (details TBD)
  • Q&A
28. Juni 2018
Webinar Session 1

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